Our history

A family story

Champagne Boutillier-Poissinet

My grandfather Jean Boutillier started his 1st harvest in 1965. He started from nothing, with no land. Before becoming a Viti, he worked in electrical cable design and gradually invested with my grandmother Bérengère Moreau: Champagne Boutillier-Moreau was born. They married on 10 January 1948.

My father Jean-Jacques Boutillier started working in the vineyards at the age of 14 and took over in the 1970s with my mother Martine Poissinet. Champagne Boutillier-Poissinet then succeeded Champagne Boutillier-Moreau.

I, Cécile Boutillier, joined the business in 2003 after completing my studies in viticulture. What makes us special is the fact that two passionate families came together. The Boutillier-Moreau and Poissinet families merged for love in the 1950s to combine work and passion for the vineyard.

We are both winegrowers and winemakers, with unique expertise and our own grape presses.


Our vineyard

Champagne Boutillier-Poissinet

Champagne Boutillier-Poissinet is located in Binson-Orquigny, a small, flower-filled village on the right bank of the Marne. Our hillsides are perfectly exposed to the sun to produce a champagne of exceptional quality. Champagne is made from different grape varieties, including meunier, pinot noir and chardonnay, which can be used to create different blends.

Vallée de la Marne

Our expertise

Champagne Boutillier-Poissinet

We use conventional viticulture methods, but that doesn’t stop us from practising integrated viticulture: our beautiful Vallée de la Marne deserves to be preserved!
We work as a family during all the stages in the vineyard, and for the vinification, we make everything in stainless steel vats.
We develop our « cuvées » with our oenologist Marie Moncomble (consultant oenologist to the Champagne oenological institute), who has been with us since 2020 throughout the ageing process, and together we decide the best time to market our wines, to the delight of our customers.

Our selection of Champagnes

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